Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: Stila Travel Limited Edition Palettes

So this winter break I was at my sister's house on vacation. Turns out, she had the most amazing Sephora EVER! I got three Stila Limited Edition Palettes and I absolutely adore them! They are high-quality, pigmented, and can easily fit into your purse or schoolbag. The ones I mention below are the ones bought only by me and tried by me individually. Nobody is sponsoring me or paying me for these products! Also, all pictures are from Google images. So let's get to it! And btw, all palettes were only $10 each!

The fist Stila palette I tried was called 'Make An Impression In Moscow' palette in No. 4
This palette is perfect for cold weather and windy nights. It has 4 shimmer colors and one convertible color that can be used as a cream blush or as a tinted gloss.

Names of the colors
Top left hand corner: Matryoshka
Upper right hand corner: Nadia
Bottom left hand corner: Chill
Lower right hand corner: Mink
Convertible color: Lily

The next palette I bought was called the 'Pretty in Paris' palette in No. 2. This is the ultimate color palette for a girl who loves neutrals and ultra-chic colors. Again, they are so pigmented and very high quality!

                                                                  Names of colors
Top left hand corner: Crepe
Upper right hand corner: Cherie
Bottom left hand corner: Jolie
Lower right hand corner: Chocolat
Convertible color: Rosebud
The final palette that I purchased from Stila was called the 'Road to Radiance Across the U.S.A.' palette in No. 1. This palette is for the all natural and girly girl. This palette has fun names and great colors that can be used almost everyday! Pinks and neutrals galore!

          Names of colors
                                                              Top left hand corner: Snow Bunny
Upper right hand corner:Valley Girl
Bottom left hand corner: Southern Belle
Lower right hand corner: City Chic
                                                           Convertible color: Hibiscus
So that's my review on these amazing palettes! Also, (I know this for a fact) that when me and my friend went to Ulta, they were also there as well as on the website and on the Sephora website. I'll link those down below! At Ulta, there were the 'Fabulous in Fiji' and 'Trendsetting in Tokyo' palettes! They are only there for a limited time so get your hands on these great palettes! Please leave comments below and subscribe! Hoped you enjoyed this rushed review!
-Ulta Website:
-Sephora Website:


  1. These palettes look great! I might have to purchase one or all three.
    Great review!

    Please follow my blog and I'll do the same :)


  2. I have the Pretty in Paris but I haven't tried it yet!! I need eyeshadow brushes!!

  3. @Beauty and the Plump: thanks so much! I will follow :))

    @Maddi & Mason: I would recommend Coastal Scents brushes if you're looking for them online because they are so high-quality and non-expensive! But if you're looking for eyeshadow brushes for less, I'd recommend e.l.f. brushes from Target or online! I'll link them for you!