Friday, May 20, 2011

50 Things You MUST Do This Summer

1. lay in the sun and read!
2. wake up to watch the sunrise
3. get a long maxi dress/skirt for the days with a light breeze
4. take extra and good care of your skin!
5. head to the nearest beach and walk through the cold cold ocean
6. let your feet to sink into the sand – see #5
7. invest in a tinted moisturizer to keep it light
8. invest in a crochet head wrap ( I prefer a cream to white color)
9. wear neutrals, no smokey eyes
10. mix an outfit up with some fun bangles or a cute floral necklace
11. go tribal print at least one day 
12. save up and splurge on something you’ve wanted for a long time
13. change up the furniture in your room for a new look
14. get creative and spice up a plain white tee with some beads and a ribbon bow!
15. go on a long drive – unplanned
16. be on the lookout for some straw wedges for a night out
17. clean and organize that messy desk!
18. create goals for yourself! (this list is a good way to start ;)
19. go bargain hunting with your best friend
20. get healthy and confident
21. eat what you want and then burn it off in fun ways like jogging with a friend to the mall or doing Just Dance 2 on the Wii (I’m not sponsored!)
22. be nice and positive to everyone!
23. sit on a blanket in the park and draw!
24. find the perfect lace top for a feminine but pretty-girl feel!
25. save half of your income/allowance/money each week and then splurge on your must-haves at the very end!
26. spend quality time with people you love
27. don’t hold grudges and un-hold ones that you already have
28. go on an adventure with a group of friends
29. drink lots and lots of fluids! not alcohol, that’s tacky J
30. buy makeup with a high spf count!
31. rock pink, yellow, and coral square scarfs around your neck for a sophisticated feel!
32. set your morals and improve the ones you already have!
33. have movie nights with your closest friends!
34. watch the sunset
35. leave the electronics and screens behind! Appreciate the natural things without the ping of a text disturbing you!
36. don’t update your status every five minutes, leave the best stories to tell in person!
37. break the rules and colorblock!!!
38. stop following the crowd, be your own person!
39. spice up bright pastels with some beaded brown or neutral sandals
40. step out of your comfort zone and talk to that one person you’ve always wanted to get to know!
41. stack bracelets for a layered but cool look
42. have a heart to heart with your bestie!
43. get a pale pink lip to rock! skin tone doesn’t matter against a great tan!
44. wear statement pieces but keep everything else simple!
45. don’t lug around your big ‘ol purse, throw your phone, cash, and camera in a wristlet and go!
46. get a bright neon polish (my all time favs are in previous posts!)
47. keep the windows open and the curtains up! let the natural light in
48. find the perfect mineralized blush!
49. look for a natural alternative to your unhealthy addiction (example: I love a loaded peanut butter and jelly sandwich- but I can substitute the heavy bread with a red delicious apple which is much more filling!)
50. go swimming and canoeing! (its so fun!)

Hey gorgeous girls! I came up with this list of things on my to do list for summer and wanted to share it with you all! These are just my opinion on the few out of many wonderful things you all should be doing this summer! I was not sponsored by anyone for doing this or for mentioning anything and this post and all 50 things listed were all my ideas! What do you have to do for this summer? Stay safe! Next time I post i'll be school-free!

Miss Nine West

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  1. Aw reading these made me really excited for summer =) I love lists haha!