Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Trend Update: Blazers & How To Style Them!

Hey girls! So today I was, as always, running late for school and wanted to just quickly throw on a quick but appropriate outfit since here in Cali the weather just can't make up it's mind! You know, those days that you know its going to rain and its all gloomy and weird outside and that it might be getting sunny in between? Yes, well today I quickly threw on my new cotton blazer that I absolutly adore instead of a drab, baggy sweater or sweatshirt. Blazers are a quick fix just to throw on top of any t-shirt (or to dress up a little) or floral or beaded top! Enough blabbing for now, but I just wanted to show you all on the blazers that I lovelovelove for the season! Enjoy!

Miss Nine West

                               For the more colder and gloomier days, throw a full sleeved neutral
                               top on, like the grey one shown here! Throw a bold navy blazer and
                               top it off with a scarf around your neck and you'll be trendy (and warm)
                               in no time!

Top: Daisy Fuentes for Kohl's
Blazer: Express
Scarf: sparkly black from Walmart

                                For the easy, on-the-go days where the look you're trying to go for
                                is described as "effortless," a rolled-up, fitted black blazer is the way
                                to go! Throw on an easy, detailed, cropped knit top and you're set!
Detailing Is Key:

Top: Marshalls
Blazer: Mossimo for Target


                                Now this one in particular is my favorite! Beautiful spring colors,
                                flowy tops, and lacy detailing is what spring is all about! These two
                                colors that go great together are middle pink and neutral brown!
                                Here is the detailing that I love:

Top: ELLE for Kohl's
Blazer: The Limited


                                          This is the easiest one out of all for me! I normally can
                                          tolerate the slighlty itchy texture and stiff stature of blazers
                                          but sometimes I just go for trendy comfort! This blazer is
                                          made out of a jersey material that overlaps (if you look
                                          closely) and is kind of thin so it can be worn with anything!
                                          Underneath I paired a gorgeous rosette detailed cream-colored
                                          top! Detailing is underneath!
Top: Target
Blazer: New York and Company

Enjoy my lovelies! <3


  1. love all of the combinations!


  2. Good tips - I love your blazer collection!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. great tips and I will surely uses these tips in my next post!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. Thank you all!

    Miss Nine West

  5. I love the blazer trend! It makes any look a little bit sophisticated.



  6. Thank you! And I agree, anybody would look sophisticated in a blazer :)

    Miss Nine West

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment.

    Love the outfit you posted..